Feb 082010

The route 210, 2420, 5006, 2141, 2420, 228, 2133, 4006, 6002, 2146, 210

Total distance 352 km

I took the 210 out as far as Erawan to try out some new roads that I havent been on before, I take a left onto the 2420

This gentleman is doing it the hard way

Its a well surfaced twisty road alright

Everywhere I look today its just agriculture

I stop at a village for a break

It seems that two strokes still rule out here

That DT certainly brings back memories

I take a right onto the 5006 as my map shows a road going to Nong Hin and I can loop back from there and ride to Si Bun Rueang on a small side road thats on my map

This road is great to start with then gets some potholes in places and upon reaching the 2141 I realise that I am not where I thought I was

I turn left onto the 2141

A real pleasant ride along here, I come to a junction and I take the road signposted to Si Bun Rueang

From here things go haywire, first it starts raining hard which turns into a thunderstorm and I wait under cover for nearly an hour

The sun comes out and even though its still raining the heat soon has steam coming off the tin roofs

I set off along this wet road now that the rain has stopped but suddenly find myself back on the 5006 so I go back to the village and get back on the 2420, Nong Hin can wait until another day

The rain is just to my left and at times it starts but then thankfully the sky clears a bit

I am beginning to wonder where I am then suddenly appear in Si Bun Rueang on the side road that I had been searching for, success at last

I ride south on the 228 for about five km then take a left onto the 2133 and about five km later take a left onto the 4006

Along here the bridge is being knocked down, I have never seen it done like this before

This soon turns into a good twisty road but its soaked in places and I am lucky to escape getting wet today as I can hear thunder for a good while

A lush green field and a light sky to my right but rain not far away to my left

Looking at that sky I never expected to escape the rain but I did

Hardly any traffic on this road and what a surface

A wet road now, my map shows this as a sharp corner but I never expected an almost 180 degree corner on a flat surface

As I ride on to my right is this green field and the mountain covered in rain

To my left is a blue sky and a fire

The roads are virtually dry again now and I reach the start of the 3003 that goes back to Nong Bua Lam Phu, here I take a right to ride the 6002 back to Non Sang

The 1.2 km of dirt is done in the dry today so no sliding around in the mud like the last time, the truck had been removed that was stuck on the last trip and all the holes filled in and it was a pleasant ride to Non Sang

Non Sang sits on the edge of the Ubonrat reservoir

These rice fields are in the reservoir so no shortage of water

From Non Sang I take the 2146 back to Nong Bua Lam Phu but halfway between the two towns I think that I have found the road that goes over the hills to Nong Wau So that I was looking for a few days ago. Its too late in the day for exploring now so it can wait for a day or so

A spicy salami pizza at Piccola Roma tonight, lovely it was too

Garlic bread and pate are given with the meal and the whole lot is 240 Baht and certainly takes some eating

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