Mar 082008
The route 2, 211, 2108, 201
Total distance 285 km 

I rode out of Udon and straight up to Nong Khai on highway 2

It was a look to see how low the Mekong was

Its certainly a lot lower now then in november

When it looked like this

Now its well shrunk


All the restaurants are out in force again now

I ride along the river to Tha Bo and then carry on along the 211 stopping now and again

You can just make out the Mekong in the middle

Its a really nice piece of tarmac along this section

I stop at my usual spot for a photo, these were all off for a picnic, I was invited to hitch a lift with them but I preferred to walk across the river bank

The current is so fast here where the Mekong is so narrow, in places its going backwards and creating whirlpools, sod falling overboard here

The concrete marker is well out of the water now

Here it is in november, just the top showing

I ride on to Pakchom, its only just gone midday and I have nothing to do in Chiang Khan if I get there too early so I turn left here and take the 2108

This is mostly a decent road and one that I have only ever ridden the first half before but today I rode all of it to the 201

This is a nice twisting curvy road

There is a small section under repair and once that is finished it will be a fine road throughout

I must ride here again when its a bit greener, it should be great then as its still okay now

I get to the 201 and turn right and ride to Chiang Khan

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