Dec 242010

The route Hwy 2, 2023, 2231, 2152, 2039, 2110, 209, 2116, 214, 2043, 2227, 4014, 2351, 3097, 4045, 2373

Total distance 365 km

A horrendous amount of traffic was swarming into Udon this morning at 8am as I left, in fact I thought the roads were pretty busy all day today and this first picture wasnt taken until past Roi Et

Well out in the farming countryside now

This chap appeared to be enjoying himself, rather him than me

Quite a lot of burning has already taken place out here

Now well out the other side of Roi Et the traffic has really eased off and I am beginning to enjoy the journey a lot more

On the 4014 and a much twistier more scenic road

The Huai San Dot reservoir

The Mun river seems rather low for december

The view down from the bridge

I ride on into town checking in at my usual the Si Saket hotel N15.07.051 E104.19.613 for 100 Baht per night

One of the Expats who lives here and his very friendly young daughter who was running around Franks restaurant and she was into everything

A very filling pizza at Franks Living In The Past restaurant N15.07.338 E104.19.981 for 160 Baht tonight.
Get the gdb file here …

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