Dec 222010

The route Hwy 2, 2023, 2393, 227, 2218, 213, 2041, 227, 2289, 2023, Hwy 2

Total distance 432 km

After heading south on hwy 2 and turning left onto the 2023 I take a left onto the 2393 and heres where the fun begins

Agricultural country out here with lots of farm machnery and sugar cane laden lorries on the road today

The red tree looked quite striking from where I was standing

The 2393 is a very pleasant road to ride and a nice refreshing breeze along it today

Now along the 227 and a few rollercoasters along here

I stop in a village looking around the market for something to eat, it looks like babys breakfast is being prepared

I wander around the market but nothing catches my fancy

I find a restaurant here and decide to try a spicy breakfast

Dont fancy that

I ask for a stir fried chicken with basil and get this crap bland meal that looks like it was cooked in gravy.
This is why I seldom eat Thai food anymore, a burger at the 7-11 would have had more flavour, its meant to be a hot fiery dish and not like this, totally pissed off I ride on

Along the 2218

A quick look at the Nam Phung Reservoir which I have never seen full to capacity

Then its these lovely bends along the 213

This twisty road has loads of them

Through these bends I see some monkeys

Heading back towards Kumphawapi, as todays ride was a long one and one that I really enjoy I didnt stop for that many photos

Thinking of burgers earlier on and I eat at TJs tonight at N17.25.626 E102.46.637, these cheeseburgers are 65 Baht each plus 50 Baht for a large portion of fries so 180 Baht in total and I could barely eat it all, this place was recommended to me for doing the best burgers in town and I totally agree.

.Get the gdb file here …

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  1. It was about an 8 hour ride Alan and the reservoir was probably half way

  2. nice report, how long takes to the reservoir from Udon and how long for the whole bike ride?

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