Dec 012007

Its a dusty ride to start with as the road is being widened to four lanes, they are actually widening the bridges as well which is surprising as I remember north of Nan the road being four lanes then going back to two lanes for a narrow bridge over a small stream and then the road widened out again to four lanes

After 26 km its this nice piece of tarmac

I join the 2085 and at Kantharalak its the 221 to Khao Phra Wihan National park

Prasat Don Tuan

Still some mines here then perhaps

The mine warnings are for about 1 km

Its a bit smoky over in Cambodia

A lovely piece of road this is here

I head back and take the 2235 to my left

Its a right onto the 2126 and then a left when I reach the 221 which takes me to Si Saket

A much more enjoyable ride today, mainly because I was on much better roads

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