Nov 282007
I took the 217 out to the Sirinthon dam and stopped there for a wander, the water level is only about 1.5 metres below maximum at the moment


Nice and relaxing here

Out of town this far the 217 is fairly quiet and a pleasant road to ride

I am heading south now and have just taken a left onto the 2396 when I see these tapioca harvesters at work

I notice these trees planted amongst the tapioca, does anyone know what they are and their purpose, to deter pests perhaps

That is a large root

The 2396 is in quite good condition but not race track quality

There is a turning to the left saying waterfall so I go for a look

The end of the road but I can just about hear water

This is what I heard

In the rainy season I should imagine it would be quite spectacular here

Its a walk back to find the bike

I get back on the 2396 and after a while its a T junction and both ways are the 2182, I take the left and after about 1 km I turn left again

Just after this sign the road narrows to a narrow concret road for about 1 km

Then its this nice piece of race track quality road up to the checkpoint

It stops here about 7 km later but apparently tomorrow its open possibly for the border market so I might come back and see how much further I can go towards Laos

I return and take another piece of road that also only goes for about 5 km to a village

Here the small reservoir is completely full

In the village there are quite a few trailers loaded with tapioca

I get back to the 2182 and head towards Buntharik

Theres no 7-11 in Buntharik but this store sells my favourite brand of water so no problem. From here its the 2182 for about another 10 km then its a right onto the 2172 which joins the 217 and back home. Its been a hot day, a bit windy to start with but a pleasant ride and no problems with any bad road conditions

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