Mar 042008
The route 217, 2173, 2296, 217, 2396, 2182, 24, 2214, 2248, 221
Total distance 402 km

I took the 217 out to the Sirinthon dam, the water level hasnt dropped that much in just over three months since I was last here

It was about 1.5 metres below the gate tops in november

Heres looking across the reservoir today

Here it is in november

I ride on along the 217 and take a left onto the 2173 for the Pak Mun dam, I take a left onto the 2296 and ride to it. The sluice gates are firmly shut now and the water level is right back up

Here is what it was in november with the water flowing freely

Today there was no water movement

Compared to this

I ride back south getting on the 2173 again then at the junction with the 217 I turn left onto it then its another left onto the 2396. This becomes the 2182 and takes me to Buntharik where I stop for a snack, I stay on the 2182 and ride to Det Udom to check my mates place is okay. I get on the 24 heading west and about 15 km later its a left onto the 2214 and just before Nam Yuen its a right onto the 2248, this is the only road I ride today thats not in good condition, its not bad for too long but a bit potholed

At the junction with the 221 I turn right and ride to Si Saket, as I am getting nearer to Si Saket I notice lots of these flowers beside the road, they certainly give it a nice bit of colour and I dont remember them being in bloom in november when I was last here

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