Nov 242008

The route 24, 2214, 2248, 221, 2235, 221

Total Distance 256km

I left Ubon on the 24 and after about 50km took a left onto the 2214 heading for Nam Yuen

This is a decent enough road in most places, just before Nam Yuen I take a right onto the 2248

About 10km along the 2248 I stop here as it was recommended by people I know in both Ubon and Si Saket

Anyone wanting a nice peaceful place to stay in the wilds then this is it, theres fan and aircon rooms 500/600 Baht a night, a swimming pool and its a very nice place, its website is

I carry on along the 2248 and take a side road to the left, its another overflowing reservoir at the end

Loads of rubber trees around here

A couple of shots of the 2248, its a very good road where its in good condition, unfortunately theres lots of potholes in places though. I reach the 221 and turn left to go to Khao Phra Wihan but the road is closed at the entrance to the National Park and all of the soldiers have machine guns

I turn back and then take a left onto the 2235 to visit the Phu La O waterfall, the turning is 5km along the 2235, the road surface changes as you travel along it

Its a nice bit of tarmac now

Now its dirt but I have an armoured escort

Now its a ride through the woods

Am I doing the right thing I wonder

I hope that I am going to be able to turnaround

Its the end of the road for the Phantom

The waterfall

This is a new place for me today and I am glad that I bothered

I imagine that this was a lot more spectacular in the height of the rainy season

I have great difficulty in getting back up some of the way I rode down, it was walk alongside the bike for a bit to get up one section

I meet up with the armoured escort again

That looks the business

I have never seen this army camp on the 2235 opposite the waterfall turn off before, I guess its because of the current tensions,. The waterfall is 5km from the 2235 and up there is another army camp plus another dirt road that I assume goes to the border because entry was forbidden

I ride back to the 221 and then take this to Si Saket, not far after crossing over the 24 the Huai Ta Mai reservoir is on both sides of the road, its very windy here and the above picture is to my right and the water has waves like the sea

But to my left its very calm

This is the highest that I have ever seen it, I mentioned to some of the guys in Si Saket about it and apparently it was over the road at one time

Nice and green along here

Obviously short of labour out here, theres a machine harvesting the rice

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