Nov 292007
I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2182 to Buntharik and on to where the army checkpoint is

The checkpoint is open today and only 1 or 2 km later the tarmac finishes

Its then this dirt track which has some deep puddles in places but didnt appear slippery

When I saw this marker post I wondered if I was in Laos

But a km or so farther on I came to the border, all I had to do was put my name in the book to go across, no passport was asked for. One of the soldiers saw my camera and said no pictures in Laos

Once out of sight it was out with the camera and it was a pleasant walk through the trees to the Laos market

The market consisted of about four places all selling the same stuff

Beerlao, reputed by many to be the best beer brewed in Asia, it certainly is better than the crap brewed here

The other side of the market was just this track to the next village

Back to Thailand and they are packing up to go home and its only just gone midday

Its back to Buntharik and a left onto the 2248

I ride about 15 km and take a left, the 2254 which goes about 10 km then stops at a village

The road is in good condition but has two holes one at each end of the bridge, I guess its cheaper to put a stick in them then fill the hole

Its back on the 2248 again

I come to a sign saying The Emerald Triangle and a left turn but no road number

Its a brilliant piece of road with only one bit that has subsided and the scenery is great too. I get stopped at the army checkpoint and he says if I want to go any further I have to walk

The end of the road, only about 200 metres since I left the bike

So this is the Emerald Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Cambodia meet. I make my way back to the 2248 and carry on to Nam Yuen then its the 2171 to Det Udom then back up the 24 home. A 400 km trip today and the only time I have ever set foot in Laos

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