Jan 082010

The route Unknown, 107, 3001

Total distance 259 km

I left Fang this morning heading north west on an unnumbered road to try to ride up to Ban Nor Lae. At the T junction where right takes you to the border road to Thaton I did a left and not far along here at the checkpoint I was told cannot go any further, there were no opening times on the barrier here

Plan A failed so its plan B, I ride back towards Fang for a couple of km then take a right along this scenic winding road and at a T junction take a left, a few km later this takes me to another T junction where I turn right and I am now on the road towards Ban Nor Lae

The surface is quite bad in places, probably worse than when I last rode here two years ago

After a few km I come to another checkpoint where the barrier has the opening times, unfortunately it was 9.25am when I got there and I couldnt go through. Here one of the officers spoke fairly good English and he said the reason for the closing of the road was because of stolen vehicles crossing over the border. I explained that I owned my bike and I carried the green book with me but he said the rules were the rules and that if I came back at 17.00 then I could go through. If I was going to go back it would be in the morning not the evening as riding that pot holed gravel track in the dark certainly isnt my idea of fun. So there you have it, the roads open to all but only at the opening times, I guess that they will let you out at any time though

So its a ride back to Fang along this damaged road

I dont make any turns and it brings me out onto the road out of Fang at the above spot, I turn right towards Fang and its 10.8 km from this point to the Fang bypass for anyone who wishes to ride this way

I take the 107 to south of Chai Prakarn and take a right onto the 3001 for the Tub Tao Cave

This was a very friendly dog

Loads of fish in the pond here being fed by visitors

There didnt appear to be any lights in the cave so I didnt enter

The very deep spring

Quite whats so special about this tree I dont know

But its certainly had a lot of work put in around it

Its time to ride back to Fang

Its early afternoon and I decide to ride up to where the road washouts are along the border going towards Thaton

The reservoir is quite low

The checkpoint at the start of the climb has now gone so its off along this pleasant narrow track thats thankfully devoid of other vehicles

Stunning scenery up along here and it just doesnt seem like seven years since I first rode it

I stop at a barrier about five km before the washouts and am asked to put my name in the book, there are three other Western names here, the top one being Mr Mark Rossi. No dates in the book so I have no idea how long ago Mark rode along here

The washouts and how they have changed over the years, seven years ago there was only the one

This newbie that appeared about four or five years ago has some tallish bambos growing up higher than the road surface but then they grow quickly

The view into Burma

I wonder if thats a Burmese army camp or just a hilltribe place

I have no reason to ride the Phantom across but it still looks a simple task

This original washout has a slower growing tree above the road level, does anyone know how long ago the first washout occured?

I sudenly realise that the Army camp here is completely deserted and climb to the top

It looks like the elements have taken their toll here

Its time to ride home now

On the way back I notice some people live up here

It was good to ride up here again and next time perhaps I will ride all the length again to Thaton, from here its back to Fang

A fondue buffet tonight, I found two of them last night

99 Baht for all you can eat

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