Dec 092008

The Route 318, 3271, 3157, 3299, 3389, 3157, 318

Total Distance 279 km

I took the 318 and stayed on it until I took the left onto the 3271

A nice quiet road

Then it was a nice new section for a while

I am about to rejoin the old surface but its still a decent road, its very windy out here today

I take a right to ride to a reservoir at the end of the road

I was a bit worried that the bike would blow over up here as it was that windy

The wind is whipping up those waves to make the water seem more like the sea that a lake

As the 3271 reaches the 3157 I notice these on the other side of the road, I have never noticed them before. I ride north along the 3157 to past Bo Rai then take the 3299

The 3299

Back on the best road around here

I ride as far as the Khuean Khiri Than Reservoir then turn back

A couple of kms later and I take a right as my Thinknet map shows this also to be the 3299 and its supposed to loop back after about 10km

Its a nice scenic route but its a dead end, theres another turnoff but that too finishes with a dirt track

I backtrack to the proper 3299

I see this sign so take the turn to my left

Its a nice tarmac road to start with

Then it turns to concrete, but look at how green everything is

Finally its the dirt track, I take a wrong turn and then get stuck, the bike falls over and I am starting to wish that I hadnt bothered. I ride a bit further on then its rocky and so I leave the bike and walk

Finally I come to this, really not worth the effort if this is it but I really cant be bothered with anymore walking now so its a return to the 3157 once I have got the spanners out and straightened the mirrors and everything else out that got moved when the bike fell over, the front brake levers bent but not enough to worry about

I ride to Bo Rai then take the 3389, a decent road this one

I ride around a couple of unnumbered roads then its back to Trat for dinner, while I am waiting for my dinner to cook I go and fill up with fuel, petrol is now going down nearly every other day. I paid 16.33 Baht per litre for gasohol 91, I cant remember how long ago it was when fuel was as cheap as this

Here I am about to enjoy a lovely pizza at Joys Pizza, Davidfl here is the photo that you requested, I am wearing the gt-rider T shirt, I keep it for special occasions

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