Mar 132010

The route 318, 3157, 3299, 317, 3193, 3405, 3395, 4058, 3259, 3479, 3383, 4029, 3067

Total distance 281 km

After seven fun days riding my favourite roads, finding and exploring some new ones it was time to move out. Apart from some roads to the north of Chantaburi that will be explored next trip there is only one way to head out from Trat and that is northwards as the thought of riding west to Rayong, Pattaya or Bangkok is a rather horrifying thought

I take the 318 for about five km then its a left onto the 3157 and a few more photos of this fine road

North of Bo Rai and its a right onto the 3299

A little bit hazier now but still a great road and scenery

Still green here though

The 3299 is the jewel in the crown around here

A short break at the Khi Ri Tan reservoir then its on my way again

The 3299 doesnt stop curving right to the 317 where I take a right and ride sixteen km to Pong Nam Rom, here I take a right onto the 3193

The above photo is very much a rarity out this way and its the only evidence of a fire that I see all day

The hot temperature is back with a vengeance today and its like a blast furnace riding along here, but its a lot better being out here riding in it than sitting indoors complaining about it

I take a right onto the 3405

A much narrower road through the trees and I ride on until I reach a crossroads where I take a right onto the 3395

Not far along here I take a right onto the 4058

Its a quiet road with these hills on either side of me

A small reservoir along here is nearly dried up

I reach the 3259 and turn right onto it, along here are these colourful trees, from here its the 3479, 3383, 4029 and 3067 back to Aranyaprathet where I check in at the Aran Garden as usual for 150 Baht

A pork steak, fries, bread and a small amount of onions at Mobile Steak tonight for 130 Baht

Followed by this 49 Baht monster at the ice cream parlour around the corner

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