Dec 082008

The Route 318, 3157, 4017, 3157, 318

Total Distance 144 km

It was a late start for me today, I seriously overslept. At 5.15am this morning I heard a door being knocked on and heard the words that we all dread, your motorbike has been stolen.
I got up but thankfully it was some other poor buggers door that was being knocked on, it seems he left it on the road outside and didnt even bother locking the steering, an expensive day for him.
Whats stupid is they have a compound to put the bikes in that is locked with a decent padlock, even then I still put my own padlock through the rear disc and lock the steering. I went back to sleep and then it was about 11 before I woke up so only a short ride today
I took the 318 out of town then a left onto the 3157

I do enjoy this road, its narrow and good fun

I do a right onto the 4017

I ride to the lake at the end then its a ride back on this short but good road to the 3157

Its along the 3157 for a few more kms then a right onto an unnumbered road to see if the big dam is finished yet

I ride down to the water, last year I could ride much further than this to where they were quarrying out the materials needed for the construction but its all underwater now

Still nowhere near full capacity yet, the rate its filling up I reckon the end of the 2010 wet season should see it full

The whole project is now complete, the first time that I have been here since it was completed, I first saw this project two years ago in the much earlier stages

A fair bit more of this should be underwater in a year or two

Initially I assumed electricity was going to be produced as there was a big structure at the bottom with a pipe going out but it appears that its purely water for irrigation as theres no transformers or anything here. There certainly is a massive reservoir capacity here. Times getting on so its a return to Trat via the way I rode out, I eat at Cosy Corner, a nice dinner of homemade English sausages,chips and fried onions for 160 Baht

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