Mar 112010

The route Hwy 3, 3249, 3409, 3249, 3322, 3249, Unknown, 3408, 4010, 317, 3277, Hwy 3

Total distance 257 km

I headed out along hwy 3 for about eighty km until just past Chantaburi and I think that viewing this tree was probably the highlight of the journey, main highways are so terminally boring

Past Chantaburi and I take a right onto the 3249, I couldnt understand the chronic amount of traffic using this road, lorries, trucks, mini buses and cars were everywhere along here. I imagine that this road is now linked to the 317 somewhere and its a shortcut but theres no road showing on my map linking it

After a while I take a left onto the 3409 and instantly its much quieter

I can actually relax and enjoy this road and I have it mainly to myself

Plenty of bends and nice and green along here

I reach the 3249 and turn left onto it, thankfully this section of it is much quieter

I come to the 3322 and turn left onto it then a few km further on its another piece of the 3249 and this is a nice twisty green section. At a T junction I take a right still on the 3249

A couple of km later its a left onto an unnumbered road

Its a bit narrow through the forest to start with

I reach the 3408 and turn left onto it

A couple of km further on this is near to the road

I climb to the top for some more pictures

This is the pleasant view looking out the back

Time to ride on and the 3408 is very pleasant, I reach the 4010 turn right onto it and ride to the 317

I turn right onto the 317 then about one km further I take a left still on the 317 to ride into Makham

In Makham I take a left onto the 3277 and ride back to hwy 3 where I turn left and ride to Trat. The roads to the north of Chantaburi were all new to me, theres more to discover but that can wait until next time and then I will base myself in Chantaburi for a few days to avoid unnecessay travel on hwy 3

I tried out the pizza at Cool Corner Cafe tonight, 230 Baht for this large bacon, ham, onion, sweet peppers and mushroom pizza, very nice too

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  1. Hi Warren

    I haven’t been down there for at least seven years now

  2. hi colin, have you done anymore riding in chantaburi area? any recommendations?

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