Mar 102010

The route Hwy 3, 3158, Unknown, 3447, Unknown, 3277, 4006, 3158, 4007, 3388, 3159, 4013, 3394, Hwy 3

Total distance 231 km

The weather has certainly changed here now, it was raining slightly last night and early on this morning it was heavy rain. As I left town on hwy 3 this morning it was very windy, a lot cooler and looked like possibly more rain.
I ride out of town for about twenty km along hwy 3 then take a right onto the 3158

No clear blue sky here this morning

Its pleasant enough riding but I am used to the heat and it feels strange today to start with. I ride to about five km before the junction with the 3157 where the plan is to take a left here and ride an unnumbered red road to Makham, unfortunately its an unsurfaced hard dirt road that I have no desire to ride on after heavy rain, especially on a cruiser with road tyres on so I back track a few km to try another road out

After about six km I take a right onto an unnumbered road

This is a narrow in places but pleasant road

Nothing but rubber along here, after a few km this also turns to dirt so its back to the 3158, a right onto it then after a few more km I take a right onto the 3447

I ride on for a couple of km then take a right onto an unnumbered road that meanders all over the place and I really have no idea in which direction I am going as my solar compass in the sky hasnt emerged from behind the clouds yet

These school children are busy watering their crops

I have been spotted

Now everyone wants to be in the photo. Eventually I come to a T junction and its the 3277 in front of me, I turn right and ride to Makham

About one km before Makham I take a right onto the 4006 and this road looks live it might have some potential

Some good twisty bits to start with and the scenery is getting better too

My first time along this road today and it definitely wont be my last time either

Time to stop for a break and a drink

There are a few roads going off the 4006 that need exploring at a later date

Finally with about five km left to go the asphalt surface finishes and hopefully next trip it should be completed as its being worked on

They look like upside down capsicums growing on that tree

Cashew nuts, the first time that I have ever seen them on a tree. I ride on through the road works and emerge onto the 3158 at the spot that I first wanted to ride on this morning but didnt because the dirt surface was wet, its completely dry now and I found what is a great road

I turn left onto the 3158 and ride to a crossroads with the 3157, here I go straight across and now I am on the 4007

I come to a small reservoir, to my right side there is water in it

To my left it is dry, I reach the 3388 and turn right onto it and ride on to the T junction with the 3159, here I take a right

Then almost immediately I take a left onto the 4013

A larger expanse of water along here, I reach the 3494, turn right onto it then at hwy 3 its a left and back to Trat. What started out as a it looks like it might rain day turned into a good fun days ride with the added pleasure of finding and riding some good new roads

Cheeseburger and chips at the Morgan cafe tonight for 95 Baht, it was filling and very delicious too, this Thai Lady here certainly knows how to cook Western food to perfection

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