Mar 122010

The route Hwy 3, 3277, Unknown, 4017, 3158, Hwy 3, 1016, Hwy 3

Total distance 208 km

I take hwy 3 out as far as Khlung then take a right onto the 3277 to explore a couple of new roads

Just past the km 12 marker I take a right onto an unnumbered road to see where it leads to

This chaps got plenty of trees to spray along here

This isnt a bad road and after about four km at an intersection I take a left

Not much further on and I take a right to try to maintain a north easterly direction as my map shows a red line heading that way

Its a pleasant ride through this rubber plantation and the shade from the rubber trees makes a good place to stop for a break

After about fourteen km the asphalt surface finishes and its now a gravel surface which soon turns to dirt. At two T junctions I take the left both times then emerge onto the 4017 which was another new road that I was going to try out today anyway

I join the 4017 at fourteen km from its junction with the 3277 and turn left onto it to ride back to the 3277, its twisty in places with a mixture of a bumpy surface plus in places a brand new surface

Its quite a scenic ride along here though

I reach the 3277 then turn round to ride the 4017s entire length including this great bit

The 4017 ends at an unnumbered asphalt road that I turn left onto and this runs for about four km then finishes at this dirt road

I turn left onto the dirt road as thats heading east the way I need to go

Just along here and the rubber mats are being produced

Then the barking dogs appear

They are not aggressive but wont stop barking

Quite a few chilli plants growing here

A freshly squeezed rubber mat

At least the cats are quiet, I ride on a few metres then realise that I am at the entrance to Wat Saen Tum where I was a couple of days ago. Now I know exactly where I am and its quite a bit off of the red line on my map so definitely not that road

I take a right and ride along an asphalt road back to the 3158 where I turn right onto it and ride back to hwy 3, I take a left here and ride back towards Trat

About six km before Trat I take a right onto the 1016 to visit the Khao Pa Kam reservoir and its another pleasant ride through rubber trees

Notice how green it is everywhere around here, not a fire in sight

This is a good fun road that I have never been on before, its not even showing on my map

I ride around one side of the reservoir

As this is such a good road I keep on riding past the reservoir for a few more km until I reach a T junction

Then its time to turn around and ride back to the reservoir

I ride to the dam for these photos

Its quite windy here and standing under the shade of a tree its very cool indeed, from here I ride back to hwy 3 turn right and back to Trat

Friday is always fish&chips in the UK so I have another very enjoyable meal of it at the Morgan Cafe again tonight. Another fantastic meal of barracuda here for 150 Baht

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