Mar 082010

The route 318, 3269, 3292

Total distance 214 km

I decided to ride to the Cambodian border at Hat Lek today, I rode there on the Honda Wave back in 2004 and decided to go again

Its not a particularly pleasant ride to start with, its dusty with lots of road widening taking place then after a while it turns into a much better more scenic ride

Its a good surface with some bends and rollercoasters to keep you awake

The border crossing at Hat Lek looking into Cambodia

I have no reason to cross over and have a look around the local market

I have never seen a cigarette lighter this big before

The beach at Hat Lek

Chess isnt a game that I usually ever see being played in Thailand

No entry here

Just a picture through the wire fence

They actually sell proper beer here from Cambodia, 8% stout, not that piss called lager. I have bought the Black Panther stout here before and also when I was inside Cambodia but the ABC is a new one to me. Its 25 Baht for the Black Panther, the same as I paid for it in Cambodia while the ABC is 50 Baht per can, I buy two of each

Time to ride back and at the Hat Lek end the road widening seems to be put on hold

This sign amused me, I didnt enquire whether you are only allowed to stay here if sporting a hard on

Part way back I take a lkeft onto the 3269 to ride to Ban Chuen beach

A nice sandy beach but theres no one here

Its back to the 318

Back on the 318 and I am enjoying this road in the opposite direction now

Not a lot of traffic this far out of Trat

I take a left onto the 3292 and ride to Lan Sai beach

Nothing special here and again no one about

From here I rideback to the 318 and then back to Trat

Its a buffet tonight its on the left just over the bridge on the 3148 about half a km from town

Standard food for these places

As usual I always eat only bacon as I find this the tastiest meat for this style of cooking

Ice cream is included as well and it cost 120 Baht for everything

Time to enjoy one of these

Notice the colour of proper beer, it shouldnt look like piss

Now with half a litre of sprite added it still retains its colour and strength, one of these and I certainly know that I have drunk it

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