Mar 092010

The route 318, 3157, 3388, 3157, Unknown, 3388, Unknown, 3157 Unknown, 3157, 3158, Hwy 3

Total distance 192 km

It was out along the 318 for about five km then a left onto the 3157

I take a right onto the 3388 and ride through Bo Rai, this road finishes at a waterfall area but I certainly aint walking in this heat through the park to view a non existent waterfall so I just enjoy the ride then turn around at the roads end

Before getting back to Bo Rai I take a right to ride another road

Good scenery again

Plus a good surface

Its a much fresher cooler day today, the weather is on the change

Masses of rubber plantations everywhere today

This road ends as asphalt and turns to unpaved, I must explore it further next time

Time to head back to Bo Rai

At Bo Rai I take a right back onto the 3157

After about eight km I take a left onto an unnumbered side road that looks a bit twisty on my map that I have not rode on before. Its got some bends in it and after about nine km it takes me back to the 3388

I take a right onto the 3388

This is a good fun road too with some curves along the way

Just before the 3388 finishes I take a right onto another unnumbered side road that I have not rode on before

Still some water here

My map shows it as twisty and its not wrong either

This is a seriously fun road for a few km

After about six km I take a right onto what starts off as a good wide asphalt road and the map shows this as even bendier but after about one km it turns into a narrow dust track so I turn back and stay on the other road for another couple of km until I reach the 3157

At the 3157 I turn right then pretty soon take a left onto yet another unnumbered road that I am riding for the first time today

This is a pleasant enough road

Theres quite a few of these trees along here

Some good bends as well, at a T junction I take a left which takes me back to the 3157

This gentleman is sitting along here just watching the world go by. At the 3157 I turn right onto it and ride on reaching the 3158 where I take the left, this soon brings me to hwy 3 where I turn left and ride back to Trat

This friendly old dog came lumbering up to me outside the guest house

I eat at a new place tonight after some frantic searching for food, Joys Pizza is closed for five days as they have gone to Bangkok on business. My second choice here Cosy Corner had a sign on the door saying not open until the evening, I tried another restaurant with Western food on the menu but each time I ordered something it was finished, getting exasperated I asked them what they did have and was told only Thai Food. That did it and it was off towards trusty old KFC, I walked past this place and decided to have one more try

They have some Western food here including burgers

Its on Lhak Muang Road right opposite Orchid Restaurant

There were a couple of Western expats in here who told me the fish&chips was excellent and that I would struggle to eat it, those last words sold it to me. This was the most delicious fish&chips that I have eaten in a very long time and it also does take some eating, 150 Baht and money definitely well spent, so if you are in town and fancy fish&chips heres the place to try it

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