Dec 172007

The return was pretty much on the same roads as coming here with a couple of diversions, I took the 318 eastwards for about 4 km then left onto the 3157 until I came to the right turn onto the 3299

Two pictures of the return trip on the excellent 3299 which takes me to the 317, its a right here and 17 km later its a stop for petrol and a drink at a new 7-11 at the PTT filling station at Pong Nam Ron. Here I turn right onto the 3193 and ride for about 15 km then its a left onto the 3247

The 3247 is a pleasant enough road

And a few hills to the side, at a T junction I take the right then about half a km later on its another right onto the top section of the 3193, I ride for about 10 km then its a left onto the 3405

I rode this road coming down to Trat and its equally as nice on the return, halfway along I take a right onto an unnumbered road that goes to the Cambodian border and you can do visa runs here, thats at least two places I know of along this stretch of road. I reach a crossroads at a small town and do a right onto the 3395 heading for Khlong Hat, I ride for about 10 km then its a crossroads where the right is for the off limits 3479, I take the left and stop just down the road to examine my map, I notice there is Khao Ta Ngok Cave a little way down the 3479 so I put my balaclava on to see if I can just ride through as they often just assume you are a Thai and let you pass checkpoints as I have done many times before. I get to the checkpoint and get stopped, last year I was just turned back but today I show him my map and say the cave and I get shown how to get there

The cave, I thought I had to pay a visit as its the only thing that got me this far, I dont know how far it goes as I didnt have a torch and it was full of water

I start to ride the 3479

The surface is a bit shitty here

This apparently now runs into Cambodia

This was the end of todays foray down here, I managed 5 km before the checkpoint where he says ahead is Cambodia

So its back to the 3395, a pleasant road but a disappointment to be on it as I was looking forward to photographing these cliffs from the other side

At Khlong Hat its a right onto the 3259 which joins the 3479, here at the right turn for the 3479 the barrier is again up and I start to ride down it to see the signpost which clearly says Ban Khao Ta Ngok 32 km, so at one time this road was completely open, I wonder when they decided that part of it is in Cambodia and closed it off to traffic. I carry on and reach the 3383, I turn right and follow this road to its end

This road goes into the 3367 and then I reach the 3366 and take a left into Aranyaprathet. I check into the Aran Garden, my usual abode here for 150 Baht.

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