Feb 192009

The route 404, 416, 4183, 4051

Total distance 238 km

After four nights in Trang it was time to move on, it was the 404 south out of town, this is nothing to write home about as its a boring dual carriageway to Yan Ta Khao. It improves then and just before Palian I take a left onto the 416

After about five kms this is a real good fun scenic road

It would suit fast riding on a sports bike along this section

Not much traffic and I dont have to wait long to get a picture of an empty road, still the same good green scenery that I am getting used to on a daily basis

At Thung WaI take a right to ride to the Tha-Oi viewpoint

Some nice mountain views over the water

I get back on the 416 but its not much fun now and becomes a dual carriageway for most of the way now, the views to the north are still okay though

I ride to satun and check in but as its only 2 pm I just dump my stuff in the room and go out for some more exploring

I take the 4183 to Thammalang Port, heres looking across the water

Then it was the 4051 to Chebilang for a look around, a pleasant ride but nothing of any interest there so back to my hotel

I check in at the Rain Tong Hotel, my Lonely Planet book says 100 Baht but my book is 13 years old now and sadly inflation has taken its deadly toll, its now the grand sum of 160 Baht. Secure inside parking again here

A nice large clean end room with windows facing in two directions for good ventilation

Port Satun is about three shops along from the hotel and a good filling eat here tonight, run by a very amiable Dutch guy and only 100 Baht for this plateful, I will definitely be eating here again tomorrow

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