Dec 052011

The route Unknown, 3030

Total distance 133 km

Heading west out of Fang on the backroad that goes to Doi Ang Khang and the potholes are being filled in with concrete

Orange growing country out here

I stumble across the men at work

I wont try crossing that on the KLX

I take a left and meet the newly surfaced road towards Doi Ang Khang and decide to follow it to see how far the new surface goes, at the checkpoint I am shown straight through which is unusual and the sign with the opening times has gone

The Burmese camp at the top

A bit foggy and chilly up here this morning

Unbelieveably the whole length has been repaired and resurfaced

Its a shame about the loose gravel which spoils an otherwise lovely ride

I ride as far as the checkpoint at the top of the hill past the Burmese camp and then turn around, I hadnt really planned on riding up here this far but kept going to check on the surface.
When I rode down last holiday I said there was no pleasure in riding it again as the surface was gone and I never expected to see it fully repaired like this

As you can see, its very steep and it could do with the road sweeper driving along here

Back at the bottom and a bit of colour

The Maw Mao reservoir

In all my visits here I have never seen this reservoir full to capacity and considering the amount of rain this year this reservoir appears to be quite low

Some work going on at the bottom

These photos dont do justice to the amount of water seeping through the rock in a few places

The entrance to the outlet appears to be locked

I ride around exploring a few new roads

I ride along a road that is actually numbered, the 3030 and it goes to Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

This reservoir is at the checkpoint and from the overflow you cant see the water as its well low, this is the second low one around here, perhaps its the large amounts of water being used to irrigate the oranges thats to blame for the low water levels

The surface turns to unmade at the checkpoint at N19.57.879 E099.11.823 and apart from a couple of short concrete section stays an unmade surface that ranges from hard packed to bulldust to loose

I stop in a village for some photos

At N19.58.984 E099.11.039 is the car park from where you can walk to a cave but sod climbing up there today

They are concreting a section here and if the whole road is done it will be a big improvement

At the camp ground at the peak at N20.02.693 E099.08.727and it was a steep climb thats for sure

A couple of shots from the viewpoint but not a good view today

I had an idea that water would be cold and it certainly was

These tents are for rent should anyone wish to stay up here

Someone has rode up on one of these

Do these 200cc Lifans have a rear disc brake as standard or is this a modification?

Probably the most reliable bike of the three

These were cooking and the tents were being packed away as they were heading back to Chiang Rai and Mae Chan

On the way up the road deviated from what was on my gps, on the way down I followed the track on my gps and it was this dirt track

I had to go through that narrow gate

This place is now on the track and I dont think they really want people riding through here

I try to ride through but theres a locked gate at the other end and I have to ride back

From here I ride back to Fang

A new restaurant for tonights food, another buffet restaurant at N19.55.327 E099.12.975

129 Baht here

Ice cream included

Get the gdb file here …

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks Fred

  2. Hi there…nice pix…
    I live in Fang and enjoy visiting the hill-tribes and recognise some of your views.

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