Jan 212010

The route 101, 1216, 1217, 1342, 1024, 1343, 1134, 4018, 1101, 1022, 1101, 1024, 1342, 1217, 1216, 101

Total distance 320 km

I bumped into Luke and his mate at the PTT in Nan first thing, they were waiting for Mark and the others. I gave Luke a tip to try the 1333, hopefully they did and they enjoyed it like I do

I took the 101 out of Nan and about twenty km before Rong Kwang I took a left onto the 1216 and I can already see those lovely mountains in the distance

A few km later its a right onto the 1217

A very well surfaced fun road to start with

Further on the surface isnt so good

A lot of twisty roads up in the hills today

I am surprised to see an elephant up here

I was half expecting the mahouts to have some bananas or sugarcane to sell to me so that I could give it to the elephants but they hadnt

At the 1342 I turn left onto it

A bit further on I take a left onto the 1024

Looks good doesnt it?

A bit of a loose surface here

I take a right onto the 1343 and its a much better surface

The clouds low over the mountain

Some ridgeline riding today alright

The clouds getting lower and its looking more like rain

The skys brighter this way thankfully

These roads along here also seem to be my own personal playthings as I have never seen anyone else writing about them, a shame really as they are good scenic roads

I am making the descent and take a left onto the 1134 not that far from Phrae, then its a left onto the 4018 followed by a left onto the 1101

At a T junction I take a left onto the 1022 and its starts raining slightly for a while but nothing to worry about

A new bridge replaces the temporary wooden one from when I first rode here two years ago

Then the road was down in the river

The old road remains have been totally removed or washed away

This trees hollow inside

Not a lot of water in the stream now

The asphalt finishes in the same place as before and here the road becomes the 4001, my map shows it as a minor road until it joins the 1341 north of Tha Pla. Its a dirt road but quite smoothly compacted, I dont have time to go any further but I will try to find the other end when I am in Uttaradit, if its rideable it will make a good days loop out from Uttaradit

Its time to ride back along the 1022

This roadside map definitely shows the 1022 joined to the 1341 by the 4001

I do a right onto the 1101 then another right onto the 1024 and its looking good right from the start

I have got fantastic scenery and a reasonable road surface along here

The road surface deteriorates in places

But the scenery just gets better if thats at all possible

This road is a real twister

Quite a few hairpin bends along here

I take a right onto the 1342 then later on a right onto the 1217 and at the T junction a left onto the 1216. At the 101 its a right and then on back to Nan. A fantastic fun days ride out along here today

Its my last night in Nan for this holiday and my final meal is another delicious lasagna at Tonys Place. A double portion, onions, chilli and a bread roll for 138 Baht

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