Apr 282013

The route 108, 4200, 1156, 4020, 4009, 1103
Total distance 244 km

The riders
Phil Honda CRF 250 L
Russ Honda CRF 250 L
Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250

We set off from Chiang Mai on a hot morning

It was a fun pleasant ride alongside the Ping river for a lot of the way then we took a dirt track starting at N18.21572 E098.68835.
This returned to asphalt at N18.19815 E098.65418

Unpaved starts again at N18.20692 E098.63121 and we ride down onto the dried up Ping river bed

We were hoping to ride along the river bed down to the confluence and set off along it

After about 800 metres this looked like the end of the track

Phil suggested riding up there to save having to go back so we gave it a go, Phil managed it in one attempt but Russ and myself needed two attempts

I shouldnt have gone that way, the bike is stuck, Russ helps me out and I get up to the top

The track ends and the confluence is further down there so we ride back to the 108 to attempt it from another track.
The unpaved surface finishes at N18.20316 E098.61491

We take another unpaved track of the 1103, unpaved starts at N18.17933 E098.62962

Made it, we park up in the shade at N18.18806 E098.63370 right at the confluence

I am now standing on the pretty much dried up bed of the Mae Chaem river

Unlike the Ping, the Mae Chaem does have some water flowing along it

The Mae Chaem flowing into the Ping, from here we ride back the same way into Hot

In Hot it was rather hot too, this was in the shade

A couple of minutes in the sun soon produced this

A pleasant khao soy was enjoyed for lunch then it was time to ride back taking in a couple of new tracks along the way

Another shot of the Ping further upstream where there was a water flow

A lovely buffet barbeque at Riders Corner for the evening meal

This one has been planned for almost a week and as you can see from the T shirts some of the Key People were in town so no need to cancel this one

Lots of familiar friendly faces here

A delicious spread as always

A very enjoyable evening, thanks Phil for putting it on and everyone else too for attending

Get the gdb file here …

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