Feb 042009

The route 323

Total distance 50 km

I rode to the Three Pagoda Pass but it is still shut the same as last year

These new pieces of furniture look nice

These were a lot heavier than I expected them to be

This table felt like it weighed a ton

As I was riding away from the pass I could see a temple on a hill to my left so I went to investigate. What I didnt realise is that this is a Burmese temple, I managed to find an unlocked gate along the fence and popped inside Burma for a look around, these are new looking huts

What I could see from Thailand

I am getting nearer, I can see a road, now if only I had rode the bike it would have been a lot easier

Its one murderous climb to the top, I am sweating like a pig, these airflow trousers arent letting much air in right now, again I am cursing myself for not riding the bike through then I could be sitting at the top having a cold drink by now

Halfway up there is this and I take a much needed breather

A couple of scenery shots from this halfway point

Finally I reach the top and my legs are aching

A good view from the top but I certainly arent exploring any more of these today

That looks pretty steep, I can see the steps cut in the dirt

The Monks invite me to go inside but I am happy to just take a couple of pictures

Now its back down those infernal steps again

Another rest stop at the halfway point, these gates are locked and I had to put the camera through the gates to take a picture

Back down on the ground and I take a walk around the houses

There were quite a few sawmills and people making things from wood here

These too were heavier that I imagined, after having a good look around I walk back into Thailand to get my bike. I ride it about 1 km then take a dirt track to my right which lets you slip into Burma close to the official crossing, unfortunately there are Burmese soldiers there unlike when I rode in last year and after their amazement of seeing a Westerner on a motorbike they finally find a superior who politely tells me I cant go any further, so no ride around inside Burma this time and its a ride back to Sanghklaburi

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