Nov 062010

The Route 1141, 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031, 2026 Hwy 11, 1348, Unknown, Hwy 1, 1335, Unknown, 4207, 1035, 1039, Hwy 11
Riders, Ally, Kawasaki D-Tracker. Art, Kawasaki D-Tracker. Colin, Honda Phantom
We met at Miguel’s Nong Hoi, had a coffee then set off heading east along the 1141 then onto the 1317 towards Mae On

At a crossroads we took a right onto the 1006, stopping for a photo break

Its looking good in those hills right now

Just before Mae On its a right onto the 1229

A nice bendy road but the surface is pot holed in places

We ride on and at the end of the 1229 its a right onto the 2031

Another pleasant ride along here which is a good surface from start to its junction with hwy,11

The buffalo was happy to pose for the camera but its owner was not

Last month I was busy taking down my runner bean supports, Hes just putting them up

Good scenery along here as usual for this time of year

About five kms before reaching hwy 11 we take a left onto the 2026 which is a new road for all of us

Some good views along here

Its a good surface with some curves along the way

It brings us to hwy 11 just east of where the 2031 joins it

A bit of colour along hwy 11 which we take to past Lampang where we take a left onto the 1348 to ride to Mae Mo

Stopping for a rest at the Huai Sai Reservoir

We ride on heading northerly on the east side of the mine

Stopping at the Mae Kham Reservoir

87000km and still going strong, now equipped with GPS

Now its along this track which according to the gps goes towards hwy 1

At Tha Si Weir the asphalt finishes. N18.24.763 E099.44.832

Its time to head offroad
A pleasant ride through the woods

The D-Trackers are better suited to this thats for sure

Some logging going on here, at this intersection the gps shows both ways going to hwy 1 so we take the most direct one

We get onto hwy 1 at N18.25197 E099.44.240 after a nice short offroad jaunt

We head west along hwy 1 for about ten km then take a right onto the 1335 for a couple of kms then its a left onto an unnumbered road which runs through this village

At a junction we take a left and now we are on the 4207

Lots of rice lying flat along here

At the end of the 4207 we take a left onto the 1035 towards Lampang then its the 1037 towards Hang Chat and then hwy 11 back to Cnx

I eat at the Green Oasis, a German restaurant in the city at N18.47.640 E098.59.518

Saturday night is always a buffet for 185 Baht.

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks Paul
    It would be a fun coincidence to meet on the road as I will be out and about in that area during the next two or three weeks, watch out for the yellow jacket that I always wear. What bikes will you all be on?

  2. Thanks for a nice report.

    I hope to meet you by chance on the road next week.

    6 of us will be on the road from CNX to GT.


    Paul from Seoul, Korea  

  3. Thanks Pat, I am back now for my annual five months holiday on my bike

  4. I am happy to see you start drive again.


    pat from holland

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