Jan 032010

The route 118, 1150, 1001

Total distance 262 km

The Riders
BigAl Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe
Todd Honda Magna 750
Captain_Slash Honda Phantom

We met at the Kafe at 9 am, Todd is in the middle and BigAl is on the right. Looking at our waistlines straightaway I thought these two guys look like they share my love of eat as much as you can buffets. Lets just say that the combined meterage of elastic holding up our pants would power quite a few slingshots

We ride along the 118 and stop at the Mae Khachan Hot Springs

We ride to just before Wiang Pa Pao then take a left onto the 1150

I enjoyed riding this way as usually I always ride the 1150 in the opposite direction

All three of us have Harley T shirts but only BigAl is riding one

The bends along this road are awesome

Whatever bike you are on this is a great fun ride

We made a few stops for photos and a chat

At Phrao we briefly stopped at the PTT/7-11 then took the 1001 back to Chiang Mai.
Todays ride was good as usual and thank you BigAl and Todd for turning up and joining me and I hope to ride with you both again sometime.

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