Mar 232010

The route 105

Total distance 250 km

I started out along the 105 at 8 am on a clear morning

Once the other side of Mae Ramat the traffic quietens down and the road gets bendy

About sixty km out from Mae Sot where the big refugee camp is the smoke suddenly descended and it was patchy from there on

The smoke has cleared a bit now and its a brilliant ride as usual

I stop along side the Moei and its low

Everywhere that I look virtually everything has been burnt

Nothing can detract from this brilliant road though

Some day it will be a surface like this from Mae Sot all the way to Mae Sariang

Back in late december I could plainly see that hill

Another excellent series of bends

I reach the current road widening section

Then its on to the old narrow section

Theres a massive fire in the distance

The smoke is really spewing into the sky

The same fire from a bit further on

The sun can barely shine through the smog

At least theres still some water in the rivers that I cross

As I get nearer to Mae Sariang it suddenly gets a lot smokier and as I stop here for this picture ash is just falling from the sky all over the place

I ride on in to Mae Sariang, very smoky in places and a little less in others. I can honestly say that I have never seen it this bad before, I rode along here on 22nd april last year and it was green then compared to this which shouldnt happen, heres that trip report for comparison

Looking downriver from the Riverside guesthouse

Upriver from the same spot

Chicken steak, chips and onions at Northwest guesthouse tonight for 220 Baht

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