Mar 032008
The route 214, 2334, 2079, 2076, 2083, 2168, 2404, 226
Total distance 298 km

I left Surin heading north on the 214 as far as Chom Phra then turned right onto the 2334

This is a very well surfaced road with some bends

At the junction with the 2079 I turn left and ride to Rattana Buri

This is another pleasant road but its not nice riding northwards this morning as theres a very strong headwind blowing, but I guess it keeps the temperature down a bit

Not much greenery here now

At Rattana Buri I turn right onto the 2076

Again its a good quality road, it could just do with more bends in it. At a crossroads I turn left onto the 2083 and ride to Rasi Salai and here its a right onto the 2168

You should have seen the dust being kicked up by that tractor, its a windy dusty ride along here today

A nice new smooth stretch of tarmac along a fair bit of this road

I turn left onto the 2404 and ride about 5 km then do a right as my map shows a road across here and joining the 226 a lot nearer to Ubon

Its a nice narrow track but goes to unsurfaced after a couple of km so I turn back and carry on down the 2168 towards the 226

Back on the 2168 and I am amazed at how many bowls and dustbins this lady is carrying on her bike, it was time for some more photos while on the move again

At the junction with the 226 I turn left and ride on into Ubon, I had no rush to get here today so it was a nice pleasant meander across country rather than the 226 directly there

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