Dec 122008

It was the 214 heading south out of Surin, across the 24 and then a bit further on a right onto the 224

This was a much more relaxing ride with not much traffic at all but a good road surface

I take a turn to the left signposted to Bankhowto on an unnumbered road

This is one nice piece of tarmac, the road ends abruptly at a village and then only a dirt track so I turn round and ride back to the 224

I take a left onto the 2407 to go to Prasat Tamuen Thom

I mainly see just tapioca and rubber plantations here now

Prasat Tamuen Thom

Another full reservoir here, this time last year this one was well down on this level

I carry on the 224 through to Ban Kraut then on to Lahan Sai, here its a left onto the 2160 which takes me to the 348

The 348, this is a pleasant road with a good surface and not too much traffic

There is a bypass the 3486 that cuts out Ta Phraya and knocks 16 km off the journey so I take it and rejoin the 348 a bit further on, then its on into Aranyaprathet

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