Mar 122009

The route 417, 4112, 4134, 4019, 4012, 4198, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41

Total distance 244

I took the 417 out of town then a right onto the 4112

I stayed on the 4112 until its finish and it turned into a pleasant road

A few decent bends such as this

I take a right onto the 4134 and this is nice and shady but only stay on here for about five km

I take a right onto the 4019 to ride closer to the coast

Some good scenery appearing in the background

The road becomes the 4012

Some good twisty bits along here too in places

I take a right onto the 4198 for a few km then its a right onto the 4011

Theres a nice high viewpoint along here that I go up to get some photos

That doe rag thing on my head came free with the Airhawk seat cushion and I have been carrying it around with me for the past four and a half months, I noticed it in my bag this morning and used it today for the first time, its quite useful and a necessary item for us baldies in this hot weather

I may be riding along the coast but its definitely not a flat boring ride today

Theres plenty of twisty bits and in the hills between the trees its very breezy and not hot at all while moving, but stop and the heat hits you

Todays ride is probably one of the most enjoyable ones along the coast roads that I have done. I reach the 4003 and turn left onto it and about one km later its a right onto the 2010 which is another twisty road and takes me to hwy 41, I turn right onto hwy 41 for about 5 km then take a small narrow lane into Chumphon. I check into the same hotel that I used when I was here about a month ago, apart from those 5 km the entire journey was done on backroads

Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight, 160 Baht for this filling meal

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