Mar 062011

The route 417, 4112, 4134, 4002, 4012, 4198, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41, 2018, 327

Total distance 236 km

A nice early 7.30 am start but even at that time its very warm and sticky here

On the 417

The scenery is still good so far and no sign of any burning yet

A jellyfish on maximum zoom

A shot of the beach for those of you who like it

The ant egg pilferers are on the prowl

The white powder that gets put in with the eggs, does anyone know what it is?

I eventually emerge on the 41 right opposite this Buddah statue but only stay on it for 4.1 km before turning right onto the 2018 and continuing into Chumphon without getting back on it, not bad going, only 4 out of 236 km on the highway.
I was checked into my hotel and showered by 2 pm, then it was time for my afternoon nap, I think old age has finally caught up with me on this trip as I seem to tire out in the afternoons now

I promised myself that as soon as I was out of the Muslim south I would treat myself to a large plate of dead pig, and did I enjoy it

Plenty of mushrooms and cabbage too

Its been over six weeks since I last enjoyed a meal like this and the bacon seemed even sweeter than normal, absolutely delicious, 99 Baht

Plus of course the ice cream.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    My wife says that on the bag it says “Rice Flour”. We have no idea what it does to the eggs or the ants.

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