Mar 032009

The route 4057, 4084, 4136, 42, 4061, 3002, 410

Total distance 208 km

It was time to vacate this very wet, one 7-11 town, it rained all night again but was actually not raining as I left. I filled up with fuel and took the 4057 heading east, about 2 km up the road it started hammering down again

The above three photos are roadside views, none of them are paddy fields, just flooded because of the virtually non stop rain

I notice for about a length of 50 metres loads of spiders hanging from the electric cable, none are showing the slightest sign of life, probably all drowned

I stop to put my balaclava on as the rains really stinging my face, lots of the locals are taking shelter in these waiting stops. I dont blame them but I cant face sitting here all day waiting for it to stop

At the 4057s finish I turn left onto the 4084 according to my map and take this road riding straight to the centre of Narathiwat, its rained the entire journey so far and here its even harder. I stop for breakfast then take the 4136

The 4136 goes close to the coast in places, I dont see any one on the beach today. The 4136 reaches the 42 and I take this towards Pattani, about 30 km before Pattani I take a left onto the 4061 then another left onto the 3002 to ride to the Pattani Dam(quite why I wish to see any more water I dont know)

Not surprisingly the Pattani dam is completely full and water is being released at the sluice gates

I take the 410 to Pattani, the rain eases off now and is only a slight drizzle into town

I check into the Palace Hotel at 200 Baht

A fairly comfortable bed

Everything is hung up to drip dry, the Airhawk seat cushion has hooks which means its easy to hang it up on bungees from the furniture to let it dry out.

For the first time since I left Hat Yai over a week ago I find a big supermarket selling western food, here its a Big C and I enjoy a KFC tonight. I also manage to find gasohol 91 here as well, again for the first time since Hat Yai. Quite why its so scarce down in the south I dont know, 95 benzine on the other hand is easy to come by

Followed by a Swensens

Todays route wasnt what I really wanted to ride, the plan was at Narathiwat to turn inland and explore a few roads before taking the 410 to Pattani but considering the atrocious weather I altered my plans. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as I hope to get to Songkhla but certainly not by the direct route, If things go to plan I will be very close to the Malaysian border at one point as theres some interesting looking roads inland

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