Feb 222011

The route 4056, 4107, 4060, 4273, 410

Total distance 252 km

Riding through a village and its a sad reflection of the troubles here that this vehicle is necessary to protect the teachers and children

The platoon Commander comes over, shakes my hand and poses for the photo

A rubber tapper at work through the trees

Its been looking like rain since I left Sungai Kolok and in places the roads were wet and now its starts raining really hard for a while so I take shelter

This tree was pleasing to the eye and from a distance the colour stood out more

I am riding in sunshine but to my left it looks like rain

This elephant wont go hungry or thirsty, it doesnt stop eating all the time I am there

I could see this spray from the road but its only a water pipe running through the river that has split

A bit of a ramshackle old building

I stop at N06.17.762 E101.18.048 which is the junction of the 4273 with the 410 for breakfast

I have two pieces of this gai phad which was nice

Plus one of this equally nice spicy gai phad phet, 35 Baht for the lot

Now I am enjoying the lovely twisty 410, there is a further heavy shower which delays me for about 20 minutes then its fine for the rest of the way

They appear to be building a bridge over the reservoir which will cut some of the twisty section out, hopefully the road is left intact for those of us who like the twisties.
I ride on into Betong and check in at the Fah Un Rung Hotel the same as before at N05.46.342 E101.04.180, I pay 200 Baht for a room with a TV, not that I want to watch it but all the non TV rooms are taken

Its time to walk around town looking for some food

I fail to find a restaurant selling western food, on a corner was a fried chicken and chips place similar to what I ate last night but I definitely dont want that again. I cant face chicken again tonight
I find the Muslim Lady who introduced me to the street beefburgers when I was here two years ago at N05.46.431 E101.04.298

Four of her beefburgers are eaten and cost me 100 Baht

The stall next door at N05.46.424 E101.04.296

Sells these for 25 Baht each, I try one, not bad.
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