Feb 192011

The route 4057, Unknown, 3151, 4115, 4217, 3073, 4013, 4060, 4056

Total distance 253 km

I took the 4057 out of town then took a right onto an unnumbered road to avoid the roadworks but not far along here and this short section has a few rather large potholes

The surface disappears for a couple of km but not a major problem

On the 4115 and this fella seems to have a death wish as rather than crossing the road it appears to want to walk along it in the middle of the road

It seems that wheelbarrows have a multitude of uses in this neck of the woods

Breakfast time at N06.02.650 E101.44.336 along the 4115

Three pieces of chicken massaman and rice for 40 Baht

I take a left onto a narrow unnumbered track that my gps shows as going to the 4217

It goes as far as N06.04.775 E101.44.337 then its a steep wet dirt track so an about turn is carried out

The sky darkens but thankfully theres no rain today

Further along the 4115 I take another left and this one goes to the 4217 and a pleasant ride along here too

Sell your rubber here

Two years ago I was told by the soldiers on the checkpoint that if I took this road up through the mountains I would be shot at so I left it off of my ride list, then it was a potholed track coming in from both ends. This is the lovely new surface coming in from the Chanae end and yesterday afternoon I rode a couple of km to the Army checkpoint and was told its safe to ride it through to Si Sakhon

This gentleman is assuring me that its safe to ride but I notice that they are all taking my picture, knowing the Asian addiction to gambling perhaps theyre having a bet on whether I get shot or not

Off I go and I soon come across these rubber tappers engrossed in their work

Theres places where the surface needs repairing and places under repair but it is/was a fully sealed road and hopefully next trip it will be a good surface throughout

At the top theres good scenery and while I am stopped a few vehicles come along and I am asked where I am going, I reply Si Sakhon and am told yes that way

I stop at a village and its market day

Fishenough heres a question for you, are these freshwater or saltwater fish?

I notice polythene bags being used to collect the rubber at this plantation

That trees certainly producing some

I pass through a few Army checkpoints then this vehicle comes by while I am stopped for a photo

This road suddenly becomes the 4013

As soon as I see the river I know that this is as far as I got two years ago going in the opposite direction

At the Army checkpoint at this end I am again told that this road isnt safe, I explain that I have just ridden through from Chanae after being told it was safe, he thinks for a minute then delivers a classic, its safe coming from that way but not going back.
That kept me smiling for the rest of the day

I reach the 4060 turning left onto it then about 1 km later I take a left onto the 4217

Its saturday and the kids are playing in the river

Good scenery along the 4217

A good surface too

I try a side track but it turns to mud and thats not in the script

Garmin need to get their map for this area updated as this good section of the 4217 isnt showing properly and I noticed a couple of times in the last few days that I appeared to be riding off the road, some major roads dont even seem to show up as main roads despite being like that on my previous trip two years ago

Its kicking out time for the schoolkids

Part of the 4217 was unpaved last trip, I am pleased to see thats its completely surfaced now

On the 4056 and its sports time

The 4056 splits into two, both ways are signposted to Sungai Kolok but this way is still the same as it was two years ago

Theres a stream running through that concrete tunnel but still no sign of the trees being cleared or the road being extended

I fancy beefburgers again tonight

Same again, five for 100 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Yes Kevin is right that the fish is salt water species, but they would be called striped tuna (wavy stripes on tail)
    The malays in Malaysia call them Ikan Tongkol. Excellent for curries because of the firm meat. Good for BBQ,
    because they are oily and great for frying too. Only thing is to either bleed them when they are caught to improve
    the taste or cut away the dark patch of dried blood near the blood line if you bought from the market. Or else it
    would be less tasty.

  2. Thats rich coming from you Mike.

    Thanks for that Kevin

  3. Salt water fish, it’s a Mackerel. Tasty and oily, barbecue mine please

  4. You fat git 5 beefburgers for tea

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