Feb 212011

The route 4057, Unknown, 4193, 4056, 4001, 4055, 4013, 4060, 4018, 4067, 4107, 4008

Total distance 280 km

First thing this morning I spot a drawing pin in my front tyre, typical its sunday and the tyre repair shops are shut, I have an aerosol puncture repair if need be but as the tyre is holding fast I just leave it alone and ride.
Later on in the day I notice its missing, but no loss of pressure

A view from along the 4193

I ride to the other end of the 4056 road that hasnt been completed, it finishes at N06.05.737 E101.52.374 and the opposite side finishes at N06.05.865 E101.52.423, a distance of 250 metres according to my gps. It seems strange that they went to the trouble of laying two or three km of asphalt but dont finish the short middle section

Theres still this to turn into a road, perhaps as theres a railtrack in here its the cost of building the bridge thats put the project on hold

Along the 4001

I find another new road for me which is the 4013

Lots of people are riding along carrying a cargo of rubber, either in this form or processed into mats

This guys busy with his fishing net

This is quite a fun road with good scenery

Along the 4107 I see a couple of trains

No mean feat considering the rarity of the things

I ride to the Si Po Waterfall at N06.16.294 E101.38.409

Heading south on the 4055 at N06.16.046 E101.41.707 I take a left onto a narrow rough concrete track that soon turns to unmade, I ride to a crossroads and go straight over, this is now also a concrete track for a short while before turning to dirt/sand

I reach a river and theres this very large lizard swimming near me but it soon scarpers

I aint turning back so its a ride across this bridge and I reach asphalt at N06.15.597 E101.44.352

Along the 4008 and this elephant is chained to a tree

Every railway station that I have seen in the deep south has these fences with barbed wire around them

Todays trip pretty well wraps up the roads that I want to ride in this area, east of the railway aint so interesting for me. Tomorrow I am having a rest, the bike needs a new tyre and I need a massage, hopefully on tuesday I will ride to Betong

I find one of these buffet dinners at N06.01.385 E101.57.362

Unfortunately due to a different religion in these parts the finest tasting animal that has ever walked on the planet is absent from the menu, I try some beef (no dont go much on that) then make do with chicken, not as tasty as my normal choice but not too bad

Ice cream included too and 99 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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