Feb 182011

The route 4057, Unknown, 4115, 4207, 4062, 4217,

Total distance 282 km

Along the Malaysian border on an unknown road and theres extra hazards to negotiate at this checkpoint

Its like a minefield along here

Breakfast was in Buketa at the same restaurant as yesterday, three pieces of chicken goring and rice for 30 Baht

From Buketa I take an unknown road north and good scenery along here

On the 4207 I happen upon this elephant enjoying its breakfast

It was making plenty of stops to get food

Its making me feel giddy just looking up there

Sod that for a job

Some rubber tappers loading their bikes up with the days takings

Sweet friendly people around here

Quite a few rubber trees output here

Some very good roads today and some potholed ones too

As I was stopped reading my map this girl rode past then turned around and came back to see if I was okay, very nice of her

Another pleasant days riding down here

A pizza at Jo Jo Bakery tonight, a very tasty vegetarian one for 190 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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