Feb 172011

The route 4057, Unknown, 4062, 4241, Unknown, 4115

Total distance 189 km

Walking around town late last night and I see this Muslim delicacy being cooked at a roadside stall, its egg and whatever else, coconut was being put on top of other peoples but I declined that, 10 Baht and quite nice too

The cooks

I set out this morning heading west along the 4047 then take a left onto an unnumbered road and this is much more pleasant riding through the rubber plantations, these guys have a dangerous job in this part of the country.
On a few occasions when I have stopped to take a picture I have been looked at with concern until I take the helmet off, once they see a western face they are very friendly

Some good bends and scenery straight away

I have seen it all now, I have used a wheelbarrow for many things but never seen one used to carry laundry before

This community lives along this road that runs parallel and very close to the Malaysian border

These back roads are a mixture of potholed bits, reasonable roads like this

And new sections like this

The above picture is making me feel hungry as now I am thinking about those beefburgers that I will be eating tonight

I stop in Buketa for breakfast at N05.50.607 E101.52.834

I start off with two pieces of chicken massaman and rice

Then have a piece of chicken goring, this was delicious, 30 Baht for the lot

I leave Buketa on the 4062 and this soon turns into that lovely narrow twisty deserted track that I enjoyed riding once brfore two years ago

Pure greenery

Its a lovely hot day today and so much more enjoyable then two years ago when I spent three days riding here in virtually non stop rain

I turn left at a sign that says Hala Bala Wildlife Research Station, my gps shows a side road going down to the Malaysian border but not far down this road and its the river

That bridge doesnt even look safe to walk over plus theres steps going up to it

Time to turn back, my gps shows another road going in the other direction but again its a dead end at the river, possibly theres a trail to walk along through the woods but thats about it

A bit further on I turn left to see the Sirindhorn Wateerfall at N05.48.106 E101.49.607

I am here alone today, two years ago I saw others here but then again I think that was on a weekend

When I rode this track two years ago it immediately reminded me of the narrow road that goes from the back of Fang to Tha Ton along the Burmese border where the two roadslips are, they are both narrow, have stunning scenery, follow close to the border and are both deserted

At a sharp right hand corner I go on ahead then take a left down a track to a border checkpoint, this friendly dog comes out to greet me

Its about a 200 metre walk along this dirt track to the Malaysian border

The Malaysian Army camp over the border

It doesnt look like anyone can or does cross here, definitely no visas here

Back at the Thai camp and I am asked to come in for a drink, at first I decline as I have previous experience of drunk guards trying to ply me with alcohol

Then one of them mentions the magic word coffee and I accept, these guys are all from Nong Khai and its a much nicer experience talking with them then it is listening to the drunken expats who live in Nong Khai trying to out bullshit each other

Obviously word of my legendary appetite has reached these parts and a rather large plate of biscuits are placed in front of me, I politely eat only four, I have to leave room for those beefburgers tonight

I take a left but still on the 4062 that goes to just shy of the Malaysian border according to my gps at N05.47.248, E101.42.844

I stop at the Chao Mae To Mo Shrine (according to my Thinknet map) there are no signs here and my gps doesnt show it

Someone needs to cut the grass along here

I am now on the 4241 and ride it to its conclusion this trip, two years ago I wasnt sure where I was and the asphalt finished so I turned back

It finishes at N05.54.800 E101.38.241

Some shots from the village here at the roads end

On the way back and I meet these four soldiers

They are from Sa Kaew

My soldier friends ride off

On the way back I take a left that my gps shows as a little side loop, unfortunately theres some water in the way thats too deep to cross

I ride along and turn down the other end of the loop but the same problem arises here

No crossing here today, but as its only a dirt track on the other side I am not too bothered

I take a left onto an unnumbered road and more good scenery

Some logs are being loaded here and they look heavy

Time for my beefburgers, I eat at N06.01.192 E101.57.926

Muslim food for breakfast and my main meal today

20 Baht each and I eat five so 100 Baht changed hands and we were both happy.
Get the gdb file here …

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