Feb 212011

A restful day in the town for me today, after a lie in I got up had coffee then took the bike in for a pair of new tyres, then it was off to the bank to get a travellers cheque changed which was more problematic than I expected, I had to try about four banks before I found one that actually performed this service.
I would have expected this in the ****end of nowhere but not here, even the Bangkok Bank couldnt do it

I go for a wander around town and this Lady is cutting the ice into smaller blocks

Easily broken up now, this Lady spoke English and told me she was originally from Bangkok but has been living here for 30 years now

Its break time for all the security forces

Breakfast time at N06.01.528 E101.57.989

My LP book says Malaysian food is easy to find here but the book needs updating, this looked similar to what I wanted but definitely wasnt the real thing, its was okay though and only 35 Baht. I guess with hindsight I should have just popped over the border for breakfast

Having eaten I resume my wandering and spot this guy, no wonder theres a shortage of some types of oil, he must have a years supply there

Not a good idea to try fare dodging at this station

Outside the train station there is a green area that I walk through

This guy spoke some English and said he was from Tak Bai, the scene of that horrible massacre over six years ago when at least 85 people died when Toxin Shittywater was Prime Minister

I go to pick my bike up with its new tyres and check the inside of the old front tyre for the drawing pin as I couldnt imagine that it came out.
It hadnt, as I suspected the nearly 300 km that I rode yesterday either wore away or snapped the head off and this was protruding inside the tyre, this is why I hate inner tubes, then I would have got a flat for sure.
Thats going to be the fly in the ointment if I get a D-Traker next, tubed tyres

This girl is really going for it in posing for her picture

I go to the Tara Regent Hotel at N06.01.362 E101.58.013 and on floor 2 is the massage parlour

Jah was the name of the masseuse, a much needed massage and only 260 Baht for two hours, I found other places and all of them quoted the price for the full two hour course rather than hourly, I guess its different down here

After my massage its more wandering around town and I pass this guy in the street dressed rather strangely

That genuine smile, people down here are so friendly and happy despite the problems

I was looking forward to one of Jo Jos lovely pizzas tonight but spot this at N06.01.534 E101.58.015 and decide to give it a try instead

160 Baht for this lot, a lot for your money but it wasnt exactly the nicest meal that I have eaten lately and I definitely made the wrong decision

This young couple and their baby come and order while I am eating but it doesnt look like baby will be getting any chicken and fries, whats in that bottle probably tastes better anyway

Just down the road at N06.01.560 E101.58.119

This is what catches my eye

50 Baht for this

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