Feb 282009

The route 4057, 4115, 4207, 4062, 4057

Total distance 158 km

The bike was in the shop at 8am this morning for two new tyres and a new chain so I go for a wander around the market, everyones so friendly in this town and I have yet to see another Westerner. I go back to see if the bikes ready and notice the front sprocket is hooked so ask for a new one, the back ones still fine though.

This is looking inside the old back tyre at the dogshit repair that lasted about 18000 km without failing, these repairs are permanent

This is the front one which has done about 10000 km. The total bill is 5852 Baht, this included three hours labour and at 11 am I ride it back to my hotel in the rain. These were all Honda original parts and the chain was 2260 Baht but is an endless chain like I prefer to always use. I have had three chains snap on me whilst riding and although all three shot out onto the road without locking the rear wheel up two of them took a chunk of engine casing with them. All three of these were after market chains and all were joined together with a split link

The first thing to always do whenever an airline has been used on your bike is to check the pressures yourself, this is what they put in the front, its supposed to be 29psi

This is the rear which is also supposed to be 29psi

Its starts raining here heavily at about 10 am and I leave at about 11.30 as it stops, I dont get far before it starts again and after about 20 km it is persistent, but what the heck riding out here in the rain beats sitting in the hotel room any day. I take the 4057 as far as Waeng then take the 4115

The rain stops for a while and I am enjoying the dry road, its a totally different bike with new tyres on it plus no clunking and horrible noises from a shot chain, I am certainly glad that I had the tyres changed today considering the weather. If I was up north I probably would have rode another 2000 km before changing them but down here in the rain that would definitely be false economy

Then the rain just catches me up and stays with me for a few hours but its a pleasant days riding with great scenery

I stop at Sukhirin and enjoy a chicken Massaman for breakfast for only 40 Baht

From here I take the 4207 heading south west

A nice road along here

I reach the 4062 and turn right onto it

Different to what I am used to

A pleasant but quite narrow road along here, at the junction with the 4241 I turn around as I want to ride the 4062 back through the hills

The road really narrows now as I start to climb

This road reminds me of that road with the landslips between Fang and Thaton in quite a few ways, it gets narrow, theres virtually no other person from one end to the other, theres places where the surface has slid away, and the other thing is both roads were ridden in similar conditions, one wet and cloudy and the other one I was riding in the fog and had to take it easy

Its actually stopped raining now its nearly 1600 hours

I stop at the Sirinthon waterfall and make a new friend straight away

The first people I have seen for a while

At the end of the 4062 I ride 1 km to the Malaysian border

The Kolok river is the border

Its the Jojo Bakery & Restaurant again for tonights food, I order a pork steak but am told its a Muslim restaurant so they dont sell it which was rather amusing as its right there in front of me on the menu, so I settle for a chicken steak instead

They also have an ice cream menu so one has to be consumed

Todays ride was most enjoyable despite the rain, it gave me a chance to bed the new tyres in properly and both the tyres behaved impeccably in the wet, I am tempted to ride some of todays route again when its a nice sunny day

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