Dec 032008

The Route 220, 2201, 24, 2124, 4013, 2338, 2283, 2122, 224, 2375, 24, 214, 226

Total Distance 406km

I took the 220, 2201 then the 24 heading west, at the crossroads at Sangkha I took the left onto the 2124 and about 10km further on I took a right onto the 4013 to visit Prasat Phumphon

Apparently its the oldest one in Thailand

A pleasant enough spot for a stop

The road workers on the council in the UK are renowned for standing around watching each other work but I think these have a much higher percentage of watchers to workers

The 224 is a very good road

Plenty of bends but no potholes

I take a right onto the 2375, this is a twisty road but good in places and potholed in others, as I round this bend

I nearly run into this, its got to be one of the biggest turds on this road, I reckon if it was set it would have buckled my front wheel

Upon reaching the 24 I turn right and ride along it for a while then taking a left onto the 214 for Surin then the 226 for Si Saket. Along the 226 a lorry has lost part of its cargo of water bottles

Luckily they were plastic not glass so its only water on the road

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