Feb 012009

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 5010, 5024, 4019, 3087, 3274, 3209, 3228, 3305

Total distance 250 km

I took the 3305 out then a right onto the 3228 and after a few kms a left onto the 3209 and rode to Dan Makham Tia, here I took a right onto the 5010 and after a few kms at a fork I took the left which is the 5024

The 5024 is a good road, plenty of bends and in good condition

Its actually still reasonably green out here

After quite a few kms of that enjoyable road I take a left onto the 4019

Another really good fun riding road

I dont think theres room for any more

I reach the 3087 and take a right and follow the sign for Bor Khlung Hot Spring but the road finishes and its a rocky surface for six kms, I am not in the mood for offroad stuff today so I give it a miss. I notice this unusual resort on the way back

I have a look in but at 2500 Baht a night for two persons I dont think that I will ever be staying there

I take a left onto a road that when I rode it a year ago it was loose gravel, not good on a very steep road like this, thankfully now its decent tarmac

I ride to the top where the tarmac finishes, I will stop for photos on the way down I needed my momentum to get up there

Its a nice piece of tarmac now

Some good views from up this high too

I ride along the 3087 to Chom Bueng noting a brand new 7-11 at Pa Wai, its a fair size one and apart from the one in Chom Bueng is the only other one that I know of out here, there a bit too sparse for my liking. At Chom Bueng its the 3274 until I reach the 3209, here I take a left and ride to Dan Makham Tia on back home the way I left

Its the Big Boy all day breakfast at the No Name bar tonight, this plus toast, coffee and orange juice for 150 Baht, filling too. I personally recommend this place for the best breakfast in town

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