Nov 232008

The Route 24, 2182, 2248, 2171, 2192, 24

Total Distance 378km

I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2182 to Buntharik, there I turned right onto the 2248

Riding along the 2248 I kept taking the left turns, on one of these I came across a reservoir that is newish and I havent seen this one before

Like every one of these smaller reservoirs it is overflowing, I came across about four today and all are the same

Oops, a bit of repair work needed here

I take another side road that is signposted to the Emerald Triangle, a bit of a landslide here

But its very lush and green riding along it

I wish all the roads out here were in this condition, its a perfect surface

Another side road says a waterfall, this is it and being sunday a lot of Thais are enjoying it

The 2248 is a good road mostly, a few annoying potholes here and there. I ride as far as Nam Yuen then take a right onto the 2171 and when this reaches the 2192 its another right into Det Udom then the 24 home

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