Mar 082009

The route 4009, 4224, 4194, 4015, 4228, 41, 4038, 4110, 4133, 401

Total distance 332 km

I headed south on the 4009 out of town to ride to Phi Pun to see if there was a road across the mountains joining up with the 4186, once a fair few km out of town the 4009 has its moments like in the above picture

I take a left onto the 4224 and instead of turning right to go to Phi Pun I stay on it for about another five km until I cant really go a lot further. I hope this isnt the road I want otherwise I am in for another soaking, this is another crystal clear photo, I reckon my camera got soaked in the south and its improved the pictures

I stop for breakfast at Phi Pun and this has got to be the spiciest dish that I have eaten in ages, I was sweating buckets eating this and I never put any chillies on it myself. I go and look for the road over the mountains but unfortunately it doesnt exist, there is one that goes for a few km around the back of one of the reservoirs but just ends at a village so no luck with finding an undiscovered gem today. I ride along the 4194 until I reach the 4015, I turn right onto it and ride to Chawang, here I turn right and head north for a few km on an unnumbered road and then I cross the railway line and I am on the 4228

The 4228 is a road I strongly recommend avoiding, its not potholed but has got to be the bumpiest unpotholed road in Thailand, in lots of places its simply atrocious, even an articulated lorry was driving on the wrong side on one length to avoid the worst bits, its like this for the entire length. Whilst stopped for a picture these two lads went past then came back to see if I was okay, when I said I stopped for a picture they immediately posed for one

The scenery is the only decent thing along the 4228, at its junction with the 41 I turn left and ride south for about ten km, this section of the 41 is the same uneven bumpy surface. After about ten km I take a right onto the 4038 and ride to Thung Yai, the surface has improved now

As I enter Thung Yai I take a right at the t junction onto the 4110 and now things start to get better

I reach a crossroads and go straight over, the road now becomes the 4133, my map shows a straight road and I expected it to be boring, its straight alright but definitely not flat and certainly not boring

Its just km after km of these lovely rollercoasters and on a great surface too

Theres a short bendy section then its back to these again

The 4110/4133 runs parallel with the 41 but has got to be a much more exciting road to ride, plus good greenery along the way, a good find today

Another pleasant sight, I stay on the 4133 until it reaches the 401, here I turn right and ride home

I go to Sweet Kitchen and see chicken Fajitas on the menu at 60 Baht each, so I order a couple, they were very nice too, and filling

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