Dec 062007
I Headed out on the 220 to Khu Khan then the 2201 to take the road towards the Chong Sangam border. I noticed that there is a road number for this road, its the 4001 but its only posted as you start it, the marker posts dont have any number on them

I take a right onto the 2328 heading west

After a few kms I take a left onto the 4004, its a nice newish piece of tarmac for quite a way before detiorating a bit

This Buddah image seems a bit out of place here surrounded by greenery

Towards the top left of this photo there is another golden image in the hills which I come across later on

I find another little offshoot road and it climbs up steeply for a nice view

Here is the reservoir where I took the Buddah photo from well above

And here is the golden image in the hills

Its now back on the 2328 just south of Bue Chet, the 4004 rejoins the 2328 11 km later on and by taking the 4004 I missed out the most pot holed part of the 2328

I take the 2124 to Sangkha

I am one day too early, it opens tomorrow, the 7th, if I get there early enough perhaps I will be the first customer

I take the 2371 out of Sangkha and after about 5 km its a right onto the 4008, which is a nice road to start with

But soon turns to this and gets a lot worse, this is not a road I will be using again in a hurry

I reach a T junction which is the 2167 and turn right onto it, at last a decent stretch of tarmac with no potholes, I stay on this road till it joins the 220 then its back to Si Saket

For the last three days out here its been hot all day until about 3pm then its quickly clouded over the temperature has dropped and it gets very windy

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