Dec 052007
I headed out of town on the 220 to Khu Khan then the 2157 to join the 2341

The 220

The 2157

Now I am on the 2341 and theres a couple of shitty bits but mostly okay

Some nice curves

As I was slowing down to stop here some Thai on a Honda Wave collided with my pannier from behind, luckily neither of us came off and no damage done so a hand shake and a mai pen rai was the order of the day, after all it is the Kings birthday today

I reach a T junction and its a left onto the unnumbered road that goes to the Cambodian border where I did my visa run last year at Chong Sangam

I reach where the road goes through to Cambodia and one day you will actually drive through here when its finally opened

Security is a bit lax today and no one is about so I take the bike through a gap and ride into Cambodia for a couple of kms then think shit perhaps this isnt the best idea in the world so turn back as I dont have a Cambodian visa plus I havent got a Thai exit stamp either

I saw the sign but no evidence of a party

The official crossing

I am heading back now

I turn right back onto the 2341 for about 10 km until I reach Ban On Pang Go the I take a left signposted to Phu Sing but no road number

I reach a T junction and take the right then a few kms later its a crossroads with the 4035 so I take a left

This ends at a T junction with the unnumbered road to Chong Sangam and I take a right, after a km this road is numbered 2201 and crosses the 24 then ends at Khu Khan where I pick up the 220 for Si Saket

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