Dec 042007
I took the 221 then the 2111 to Khun Han then the 2127 to get to the 2341 and head west

The 2341

The 2341 is in good condition for the section I rode today

Every reservoir I have seen in this part of the country has been full to capacity, apart from the hydropower ones of course

This is the only makeshift bridge I have ever seen out this way

There is a sign for Red Sapphire 06 Village to my left so I go for a look

No work going on here, the place is completely deserted

I have to ride through the water here

Back on the 2341

I reach a crossroads, left is the 2341, right the 2157 and I go straight over onto the 4035 signposted for Phu Sing

After about 10 km I reach another crossroads and turn right heading north on an unnumbered road. At the junction with the 24 I look at the signposts for the road I have just travelled up, it lists all the places of interest but still no road number

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