Dec 032007
I left Si Saket on the 221 then the 2111 to get to the 2236 which just runs to the Cambodian border

They were having trouble getting out onto the road and had to tow them out, the rope snapped one time and the poor guy was lucky not to overturn as he shot back down the bank sideways

End of the road at the Cambodian border

Theres no soldiers on guard so its a quick walk into Cambodia

Its unusual to see these gates unlocked, on all of my previous trips either they were locked or someone was here to stop you going in

As the road only goes about 20 km to the border obviously not much traffic on it

I notice some water that I dont remember seeing before to the west so when I come to a road heading that way I take it. I ride down here for about 2 km and find out they are busy making a dam

When I visit here this time next year I wonder how much of this land will be under water

Heading back there is a sign that says Red Sapphire Village 07 so I go take a look

The end of the road and its time to head back to Si Saket

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