Dec 022007
It Was the 221 out of Si Saket then the 2126 to join the 2335

I am on the 2335 heading west and the road surface is okay

I have now taken a left onto the 4047 which isnt on my map but definitely exists

Its the best piece of road I ride on today

It gets a bit overgrown here

Perhaps this is going to be somewhere you have to pay to get to somewhen in the future as there are barriers and a booth along the way but never anyone there at the moment

I reach the end at this waterfall, I was here last year about the same time but nowhere near as much water then

Its back on the 2335 now

I come to a T junction and take the right, the 2127 to Khun Han and a pit stop at the 7-11 and then the 2111 for Si Saket

The 2111 is a good road

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