Jan 212009

Today’s ride was the 3228,3209,3274,4025,3087,3313,3206,3337,4001 and 4016

These first two are from the 3313 which at Ban Pong Krathing becomes the 3206

At Ban Pong Krathing I turn right onto a road but after a short way it turns to a dirt track so I turn back

Its certainly a bit hazy out here but the 3206 is okay

After 14 km out of Ban Pong Krathing I take a left onto the 3337

This is a good quality road and the best one that I ride today

I take a left onto the 4001 and this comes to a T junction wuth the 3208, I turn right and after less than a Km its a left onto the 4016 which takes me to the 3087, there its a left into Chom Bueng and back home the way I left

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