Feb 022009

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274, 3087, 3313, 3206

Total distance 323 km

I took the 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274 and the 3087 to Pa Wai then took the 3313 heading south

The 3313 is a road I never tire of, always in good condition and a good ride

Plenty of these along its length

At a 90 degree left hander the road becomes the 3206 and I take a new piece of tarmac here for a look around

It only goes for two kms but plenty of young pineapple trees growing here, mind you there is a large pineapple canning factory not far from here

I ride back and take the 3206 now heading east

Another goody this road

Theres been plenty of fires out here

I call in to take a look around the Malai Ostrich Farm and get some friendly attention straight away

This one followed me along the boundary

Whenever I stopped it put on a special show

But as soon as I moved it got up and followed

Loads of younger ones here

Ive heard that it takes quite a while to boil an ostriches egg, now I know why, one of these would be enough for a meal thats for sure

The Thai translation and spelling never fails to amuse

There is a shop here with various things for sale

This belt is from an ostrich

Some of the wallets and shoes are crocodile skin and some are ostrich

Everywhere you look there are ostrich eggs with plants inside

Finally some much younger ones, there were camels and crocodiles here too but I couldnt be bothered with walking too far in the heat to see them.

It was back home the way I rode here, this trip report finishes my Kanchanaburi outings from this visit, theres still more roads to ride but it would take ages to ride them all. I seldom see any trip reports from people riding out this way, thats a shame as theres lots of great day rides to be had if you use Kanchanaburi as a base. Dont be put off by the lack of roads on maps, most of the rides west and south west of Kanchanaburi were on roads that arent on any of my maps including the two trips to the Burmese border. I just discovered them by riding out and looking, along with Nan and Si Saket, Kanchanaburi is one of those places that I can spend a couple of weeks at and ride different roads each day and have a really great time

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it

  2. what a beautiful seinary  along the road side
    and this information is very useful who do not have chance to go there personally .  thank you very much for uploading this . 

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